Hi. This is me.

 I’m Karen Burns. To my shock I live in a suburb and I like it. I moved to Chandler, Arizona 18 years ago, kinda by mistake. But I stayed anyway.

This is my family. →


Love and shenanigans

The husband is A Very Patient Man.

The laughing girls/women are the daughters; The Oldest and The Youngest. They were 21 and 20 when I captured this moment 2 years ago. We didn’t plan them to be born so close to each other, but I highly recommend it.

We also have Chewiethedog, and what appears to be a cat, Surely. Her full name is Don’t Call Me Shirley. She’s not a great cat-type-thing. Chewiethedog is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family. And Surelythecat is…beautiful. She’d be ideal if she were nice, and not a threat to other living things. Like lizards. And birds. I love her deeply.

Some of my credits:

In my life before children, and sometimes after, just not enough. I was a professional dancer and actor. As a dancer I’ve been: a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall, worked off-broadway, in music videos for MTV, and in a touring dance company for 5 years. As an actor: I was on The Young and the Restless, Santa Barbara, Thirty Something, and sooooo many theatre productions. I am relieved I bravely pursued all of these things and I didn’t die. In fact, it was amazing. God, dancing, and acting  saved my mind. What I don’t know, though, is why I’m still alive…

And this too!!

Writing! I’ve written 4 plays (one was a musical) that were produced with successful runs. I can hardly believe that, but it’s true! I’ve been published a handful of times for poetry and prose. Currently, I’m writing a memoir, “An Otherwise Magical Life” based on my life and created around my solo show of the same name. It’s surprisingly difficult. And time consuming.


lazy carnivorous beast


You can email me if you want! karen@burnsitup.com