But I'm Not Dead Yet

Before Yesterday


  1. Shari

    Found this post through Dancers Over 40 on Facebook. This truly made me tear up. To remove ourselves if only for an hour into a life we had, we have, and will have of dance. It's something to treasure. Right now I'm not dancing. I'm going to tomorrow though. I am. I have to. Back to basics with ballet. I'm sure even that will move me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Karen

    Shari, your comment made me jump up and cheer. Thanks for taking the time! I hope you do go ballet tomorrow. And I hope it's everything you loved about it in the first place.

  3. Rose Whisperer

    This blog post spoke volumes to me. I will be 60 in November. Two years ago, I took a class in belly dance – after decades of living dormant, stagnant and aimless … It has “saved my life!” I tell everyone this … But it has freed my spirit, opened my heart, and released my body once more. I can't imagine life without it. Thank you for sharing this. Stacey

  4. Karen

    Thank you for saying something Stacey. I completely get the dorman, stagnant, aimless life. And you chose Belly dancing! Now that's brave! There is fire in the soul that style and it would absolutely open a spirit.

    You just inspired me too.

  5. SMOspider

    beautiful! We all will remember & be reminded! I don't dance much but maybe I should now.. thank you

  6. David Brown

    I went back to ballet as a VERY mature adult, and the rigors of 3 to 5 90-minute classes a week for the last 10+ years have really taken their toll. It finally got bad enough that I've stopped again, a couple of months ago. It's really difficult to be away from that environment., though. I don't know whether I'll be able to stay away—even though it's no longer good for my body, my heart misses everything about the studio.

  7. Karen Burns

    I'm the choir to your comment. Thanks for saying something. It's good to hear even though I know pain…isn't so much.

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